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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions - Updated March 5th, 2010

What is the overall fundraising goal?

The estimated cost for the Revitalization Project (including G.A.R. Hall, Firehouse and courtyard area) is $1,000,000.

What will the Phase One of the Revitalization Project: The Firehouse, cost?

Contractor bids are being secured. The estimated budget is $250,000, which includes structural renovation, with the addition of heat, air-conditioning, and code requirements. Further costs will include those for furnishings, fixtures and equipment as well as for landscaping the courtyard connecting the G.A.R. Hall and Firehouse. In-kind contributions will be sought to offset these expenses.

How much has been raised to date?

Marshfield residents authorized $30,000 from the Community Preservation Commission in 2004 for a feasibility study, and town approval in 2007 for a 40-year lease. Since launching the leadership campaign in November of 2007, the North River Arts Society has been successful in raising $278,300 (as of January 2010) to support its Revitalization Campaign in cash and pledges, including an allocation of $96,000 by the NRAS Board from the organization’s funds. An additional $40,000 has been contributed in-kind through services, product and consultation.

How are funds held?

Money received is placed in a designated Revitalization Campaign account at our bank. The North River Arts Society is a 501(c)(3) private non-profit organization.

Where does the support come from?

Recognizing the need for broad based community involvement in a project of this scope, the NRAS Board of Directors established the Revitalization Campaign Committee which subsequently formed a 28-member committee of local business owners, realtors, artists and community activists to provide advice and expertise for the project. The NRAS membership (675) and more than 250 volunteers (festival, Board, exhibits, etc.) further support the project through campaign-related fundraising activities and community promotion. Direct donations from individuals and businesses rounds out the fundraising effort.

How have the funds been spent so far?

Revitalization planning for both Phase One-The Firehouse and Phase II-the G.A.R. Hall began in 2004. Expenses related to the overall campaign of $52,100 have been incurred related to the feasibility study and architectural plans and drawings. Other additional expenses for printing, postage and office expense total approximately $13,900.

What is the need?

NRAS classes for school students are at capacity and squeezed in space confined to cramped basement quarters. Adult classes are also at capacity. Presently, working essentially as a one-room schoolhouse, NRAS is forced to interrupt class schedules when hosting workshops or exhibits, many of which attract the participation of nationally recognized artists. The result is fewer classes and fewer workshops. The Festival of the Arts is also at capacity, and is turning away artists and vendors. The two classrooms/galleries planned for the Firehouse would provide coveted indoor, lighted, heated and air-conditioned space significantly increasing NRAS’s year-round curriculum, and, in the short term, provide space for NRAS to stay up and running and remain financially viable while renovations are made to the G.A.R. Hall.

What happens now?

Focus is on securing and evaluating construction bids and raising the needed funds to begin work on The Firehouse project. NRAS is applying to granting organizations for support. Simultaneously, the organization continues to approach individuals and businesses, plan activities to build upon the success of its fundraising events, and promote our project through the media and collaborative activities with other cultural organizations both in Marshfield and in our region.

How does NRAS operate?
Pursuant to its mission statement to encourage and support all forms of the arts and the artists and patrons of the arts, NRAS is a self-funded organization, generating revenue for ongoing operation expenses through its education programming, membership, exhibitions and special events. Gross revenue for the past three years has stayed steady over $200,000. NRAS consistently maintains its operations and still pays all member artist participants an above average percentage of revenue activities. As we move forward, our objective is to continue to be self-funding, generating revenue to cover overhead while fostering careers of member artists and providing art education for people of all ages through programming which fully utilizes NRAS resources.


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