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North River Arts Society Tomorrow:



Important structural improvements will make our building safe, maintain and revitalize a building of historic significance, and allow the art center to thrive and continue to meaningfully contribute for years to come. The possibilities abound.

  • Additional program spaces will provide additional opportunity for studio workshops with visiting artists, exhibits, artist-in-residence projects, outdoor activities and expanded classes for school children.
  • Workshops developed in partnership with major galleries and their exhibiting artists will be scheduled, encouraging new dialogue in exploring the “art of art.” 
  • New studio space will allow for visiting artists to be invited to the G.A.R. Hall to create bodies of work tied directly to the enrichment of the community.
  • Satellite instructional programs developed through collaborations with museum schools will spark dynamic interaction and exchange with residents, artists and teachers.
  • Working with teachers and parents from area schools, classes for children will be designed to compliment existing curriculum with hands-on experience in seeing the world through the color and interpretations of world art.
  • New landscape elements will open areas for outdoor classes, displays and courtyard events.  Structural improvements and new building systems bring code improvements, ADA accessibility, efficient heat and air-conditioning, display lighting, exhibit installations, safe storage, and parking and service access.




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