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Thinking Outside the Box is thinking freely, not

bound by old rules or practices. This exhibit

encourages North River Arts Society artists & friends

to do that by creating art outside their usual medium

or style. To make the auction even more intriguing,

artwork will be identified by number only. The artistsʼ

names wonʼt be revealed until the silent auction

ends, challenging the artists to work in a different

media/style and viewers to trust their instincts and

bid on what they like.


Thank you to all of the

2018 Outside the Box partipating artists!

Susan Ahearn

Kate Anderson

Joan Appel

Lauralee Banda

Mahzarin Banaji

Dana Barunas

Diane Bennett

Susan Benoit

Rita Berkowitz

Dietrich Bilger

Karen Billings

Dianne Blumstein

Christine Bodnar

Anne Bohsack

Linda Bornstein

Kirsten Borror

Darlene Bradlee

Dina Brennan

Kristine Brennen

Regina Brown

Margaret Farrell Bruno

Edith Bryant

KC Buchanan

Bitsy Bullock

Julie Burgess

Donna Byrne

Mary Callahan

Jennifer Cantwell

Ava Capodanno

Jill Capodannno

Kit Casey

Eileen Casey

Alye Chaisson

Barbara Chaisson

Jane Chaisson

Ed Chesnovitch

JoAnne Chittick

Theresa Christopher

Nancy Colella

Jane Collins

Keith Conforti

Mary Coogan

Chris Cooper

Janet Cornacchio

Connie Crosby

Ginny Cubellis

Jim Curley

Jan Curley

Mary Curran

Rae Curwin

Leslie Proulx Cutler

Peg D'Onofrio

Sally Dean

Skip DeBrusk

Patricia DeYoung

Charlotte M. Diana

Mike Dick

Betsey Detwiler

Erin Donnellan-Kroninger

Martha Donovan

Karen Dunderdale

Ann Dunleavy

Kevin Dunn

Christina Eckerson

Deb Egan

Roberta Fairbanks

Mary Felton

Ruth Finn

Maisy Flynn

Jack Foley

Lori Fopiano

Ivy Frances

Amy Francis

Cindy Fusco

Jennifer Fusco

Susan Scavo Gallagher

Janice Gallinger

Emily Gilcoine

Donna Goes

Paul Goes

Douglass Gray

Judy Gray

Susan Grim

Mike Hale

Becky Haletky

Jack Haran

Laura Harvey

Ellie Hayes

Lauren Hendry

Teri Hensick

Doug Hockman

Nancy Sargent Howell

James Huard

Tom Hughes

Carol Jankowski

Laura Tryon Jennings

Kathryn Johnson

Lynne Johnson

Posey Jones

Joanne Kaczowka

Karleen Karas

Wally Kemp

Connie Drapeau Kennedy

Alan Kennedy

Susan Kerrigan

Jeff Kinney

Lauri Klein

Lily Kwan

Heidi Lange

Paula LaRue

Mary Ann Leone

Gayle Loik

Mary LoPiccolo

Kelley MacDonald

Jeanne MacFarland

Elaine Madden

Peggy Roth Major

Judy Manning

Jory Mason

Rhonda Maxwell

Mary McCartan

Susan McCarthy

Lynne McCauley

Tom McGuinnes

Patrice McInnis

Leslie McNeil

Joan McSweeney

Margaret McWethy

Rachel Meyers

Dianne Panarelli Miller

Kathy Mogayzel

Kathy Moore

Marguerite Moore

Gretchen Moran

Phillippa Mulford

Bruce Nickerson

Deanne Noiseux

Susan O'Brien

Laurinda O'Connor

Paul O'Connor

Bibsy O'Donoghue

Joy O'Keeffe

Sharyn O'Neill

Linda T. Osborne

Raquel Osborne

Dorothy Pentheny

Linda Pedersen

Lois Peterson

Dave Petty

Judy Phakos

Mary Pompeo

Florence Pritchard

Polly Pyne

Page Railsback

Carole Raymond

Jody Regan

Sheryll Reichelt

MJ Rest

Andrea Rex

John Ricciardi

Marianne Richard

Betty Rogers

John Roman

Irena Roman

Donna Rossetti-Bailey

Judith Rossman

Olga Rothschild

Joy Sawyer

Richard Sawyer

Marie Shanahan

Sue Sheehan

MaryEllen Sinatra

Patricia Walsh Slaven

Mark Slaven

Martha Smith

Susan Solis

Kate Sotolova

Maureen Spinale

Pia St. Amour

Nicole Stagg

Brenda Stewart

Christine Sullivan

Joan Sweeney

Laurie Sybertz

Tracy Talbott

Elise Tarbox

Beth Tarbox

Cathy Teal

Mary Tennaro

Maddie Merrifield Thomas

Janet Tooker

Gerry Tripp

Betty Tufankjian

Dawn Tyler

Polly Ulichny

Paula Villanova

Michael Waddell

Marsha Walsh

Tina Watson

Joanne Wayland

Sandra Weeks

Jo Killian Wildes

Mary Sheehan Winn

Marshall Wood


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