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Mission Statement

Board of Directors & Arts Committee

Vision: Aspirations for the Future

We aspire to be a hub that nurtures creative life by inspiring people of all ages to love the arts and to explore how arts can enrich their lives.

Mission: How We’ll Go About Pursuing our Vision

Our mission is to create a bustling environment reflecting the pulse of the community in a wide variety of creative and artistic forms that will broaden our appeal and open doors. This vision will be carried out within a focused portfolio of art forms, making NRAS the “go to” place for the arts. Our activities will be open to all artists, aspiring artists, learners and hobbyists, “art appreciators,” students, or anyone interested in opening up to creative activity.

Established in 1968, the North River Arts Society (NRAS) is a grass roots non-profit organization fostering participation and appreciation of the arts. The Society is governed by a Board of Directors and resides at the G.A.R. Hall, 157 Old Main Street in Marshfield Hills.

The NRAS offers classes and workshops, a Festival of the Arts, Members Show, Figure Show, Outside the Box- Silent Auction, Brew Ha Ha, Holiday Arts Sale, scholarships, financial aid, a writers workshop, and many opportunities for artists to exhibit such as the Jean Horan Gallery, Dolphin Gallery, and many exhibitions held at G.A. R. Hall.


2018 Board of Directors

Patricia Walsh Slaven, President

Kris Brennen, Vice President

Mary Marks, Treasurer

Polly Ulichny, Clerk

Anne Bohsack

Jan Curley

Sally Dean

Judith Gray

Jack Haran

Nancy Sargent Howell

Mary Marks

Susan L. McCarthy

Jen McInerney

Chris Sheehan

Tracy Talbott

Netta Vercollone

Steve Wildes


2018 Arts Committee

Susan Kerrigan - Co-Chairpersons

Dianne Esslinger

Linda Bornstein

Rita Berkowitz

Kristine Brennan

Barbara Chaisson

Dianne Esslinger

Cindy Fusco

Nancy Howell

Raquel Osborne

Sheryll Reichelt

Martha Smith

Mary Tennaro

Patricia Walsh Slaven

Tracy Talbot

Polly Ulichny

Mary Jo Wildes



North River Arts Society | 157 Old Main Street, P.O. Box 307, Marshfield Hills, MA | 781-837-8091 |