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Adult Classes

Winter Sessions

Mon. - Oil Painting/Professional w/Margaret McWethy FULL Wait List

Tues. - Intuitive Painting/Think Less, Do More w/Nancy Colella

Tues. - Watercolor Painting /Beginner to Intermediate

w/Mary Callahan

Tues. - Bird Carving w Kevin Dunn

Wed. - Intermediate Oil w/Margaret McWethyFULL- Wait List

Wed. - Learn to Draw/Basic Techniques w/Marion Carlson

Wed. - Drop-In Knitting - FREE

Thur. - Expresssive Pastel Painting w/Ed Chesnovitch

Thur. - The Thrill of Acrylics/Learning from the Greats

w/Kelley MacDonald

Thur. - Painting in Oil for the Beginner w/Kelley MacDonald

Fri. - Academics of Drawing & Painting the Figure

w/Dianne Panarelli

Sun. - Drop -In Monthly Critique


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Please review registration and refund policy at bottom of page.

You must register with the office for a class or workshop before the class begins. *If you sign up through the website, NRAS does send a confirmation of your class sign up. If you do not receive an email by the end of the next business day, please contact the office at!

PARKING for NRAS classes and events is available in the NRAS parking lot, as well as directly in front of the G.A.R. Hall. For specific events, overflow parking will be directed to the North Community Church Parish House lot, on the adjacent block (84 Old Main Street).



Intuitive Painting - Think Less, Do More

w/ Nancy Colella

Tuesdays 9:30 -12:30

Jan. 9 - Feb. 13 (no class Jan. 30) 5 weeks

This class is designed for the painter who is interested in creating more intuitive, bold, and exciting paintings. We will learn how to take a less representational, analytical approach to painting by allowing our intuition to lead us. Each week we will challenge ourselves to “think less and do more!” Through a series of quick, fun exercises, we will learn how to use color, shape, space, and line to express an idea or statement. We will be working from still life and/or photos and all painting mediums are welcome. Cut paper collage will be introduced along the way.




Watercolor Painting - Beginner to Intermediate

w/Mary Callahan

Tuesdays 2-5PM

Session 1: Jan. 9 - Feb. 13    6 weeks

Session 2: Feb. 27- April 3 6 weeks

Designed for all levels of the watercolorist, this popular course will first provide the necessary fundamentals and then explore the many techniques of watercolor. Work from still-life setups, photos, or from your imagination. Emphasis on color and design, with the goal of creating an organized emotional statement.

14 students max       Click here to download Supply List pdf.

Session 1:



Session 2:





Bird Carving w/Kevin Dunn

Tues. 7-9PM

Feb. 20 - April 24 10 weeks

Carve and paint a Ruby throated Hummingbird on a Hedge Bindweed.

Wooden blanks are supplies as well as glass eyes and cast legs and feet. Students supply their own tools. Carving experience and use of power tools is recommended. Course limited to ten students.






Learn to Draw/Basic Drawing Techniques

w/Marion Carlson

Wed. 1:15 -3:15

Jan. 10 - March 7 ( no class Feb. 21) 8 weeks

Paul Klee once remarked that “a line is a dot that went for a walk”. Objective: The joy of drawing. Take your thoughts and learn how to express them on paper. There will be a series of exercises and instructive projects designed to inspire and motivate students to discover unexpected skills through sensory awareness. These learned skills will form the core of a good drawing. Over the length of the course, students will participate in a series of exercises that will give tools to create a successful drawing. Exercises include: learning about function and application of line, shading, texture, contrast, and the use of negative space. All of which are essential to form an image that is representational of ideas. This is a 2hr hands on course. A materials list will be available on the first class. Have fun while creating a finished drawing using techniques learned.

$110. M

$155. NM



Expressive Pastel Painting w/Ed Chesnovitch

Thursdays 9AM -1PM

Session 1: Jan 11 - Feb. 15

6 weeks

Session 2: March 1- April 5

6 weeks

Trust the process. Let go and allow your art to take place without preconceived notions. The journey an artist strives for is to arrive at a place where discoveries happen. Leave your comfort zone, and enter a world of exciting and expressive painting. This class, for soft pastels will focus on paintings that have light, color and attitude! Working on various grounds, we will explore underpainting techniques, mark making, and significant color choices to push a painting further. Learn to simplify your approach, get creative and trust the process!!

click here to download supply list pdf

Session 1:




Session 2:






The Thrill Of Acrylics - Learning From The Greats

w/ Kelley MacDonald

Thursdays 1:30 - 4:30PM

session 1: Jan.11- Feb.15

6 weeks

session 2: March 1 - April 5

6 weeks

Come along on a journey of artistic discovery as each week we observe a different, successful artist and use their method for a new painting. Taking a cue from Austin Kleon’s book “Steal Like An Artist” we will view a slideshow of a professional artist’s work and see what their methods might be, then try them out. Painting big, small, on different substrates, different means to achieve a dynamic painting. This is a good way to try things you never would have before, and it is a fun, supportive atmosphere. We will be focusing on Acrylic Artists, and I will be painting in Acrylics, but if you want to try a different medium that you are familiar with, you are welcome, as there is always something to learn when you stretch yourself creatively.

Materials: limited palette of warm and cool of red, yellow and blue, burnt umber, black and white - artist grade. Each week bring an assortment of 2 or so canvases or panels, one 8x8ish and one larger, 11x14 or larger.

Session 1:



Session 2:




Painting in Oil for the Beginner w/ Kelley MacDonald

Thursday evenings 6:30 - 9:30PM

session 1: Jan. 11 - Feb. 15

6 weeks

session 2: march 1 - April 5

6 weeks

Few things will reward you as much as learning how to paint in oils. In this class we will tackle the basics: color, value, composition, as well as safety and generally ‘getting to know’ the medium which is so juicy and rich.

Each week we will tackle an exercise where you will gain confidence, and also practice painting from life, from photos and from our imagination.

No experience necessary.

Please bring the paints and brushes from the materials list ONLY.

materials list

Session 1:

$165 M

$210 NM

Session 2:




The Academics Of Drawing & Painting the Figure


w/Dianne Panarelli-Miller

Fridays 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

session 1: Jan. 26 - March 9

6 wks. (no class Feb. 23)

session 2: March 16 - April 27



Accurate drawing is the most important part of painting. Dianne will begin with simple drawing methods of a Classical Atelier study and continue each week with a different lessons to cover many of the drawing problems we encounter painting life drawing using live models.

Paint the live model outdoors in most weather conditions. I will begin with an informative demonstration to help students see how to begin and finish a painting of the face or figure outdoors. Some models will be clothed and some nude. I will then work with you on an individual basis to help you improve and move forward at your own speed. This group will utilize the discipline of Academic Traditional Methods with the freedom of "Alla Prima" to help each person learn the fundamentals to create a painting that is structurally sound in color, composition and technique. Beginners or advanced artists will benefit from this class.

8 student max.

click here for materials list

*plus a models fee TBD by #of students

Session 1:



Session 2:




Drop-in knitting with THE KNIT CHIX

S Wednesdays: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm.
All levels welcome! No charge.

Fun and very informative.


Monthly Critique Group

(Image courtesy Mary Felton)


(Firehouse building is right beside GAR hall, shared parking)

A drop-in art critique group is at NRAS! We will meet from 1:30 to 4:30 usually on the last Sunday of each month for mutual support and helpful critiques, All mediums welcome. Bring up to 3 works of art. Artists are welcome to stay and paint together afterwards until 4:30 PM.

Please arrive early so we can start promptly at 1:30.

Questions, please email Jory Mason, coordinator- or call 781-293-7009.

*A $5. per person fee will be collected to cover building utilities.


North River Arts Society Writers Group

Since 2009, a core group of talented writers has convened monthly at the North River Arts Society to read, share, and critique each other’s work. Our writers have written fiction, creative nonfiction, YA and children’s books, short stories, and memoir. Some of the results have been published, some are still in progress, and some have been tucked away while more developed, skillfully crafted manuscripts have emerged. Through the years, the members’ growing familiarity with each other’s work has become invaluable—a reliable and inspirational resource for growth and support. For many years, the North River Writers Group has afforded its members respite and resource in what undoubtedly is a very brave, difficult, and solitary undertaking. If you’re interested in finding others invested in the process, please do feel free to reach out to the North River Writers Group. The group is currently full but openings are frequent. If you’re interested in joining the North River Arts Society Writers Group, please email Pam Loring at, noting your interest in the group, your goals in your own writing, and your background in writing. Feel free also to include a writing sample. She’ll get back to you promptly.

NRAS Registration and Refund Policies


Registration is not complete until payment has been made to the NRAS OFFICE before a class or workshop begins. Class payments will not be pro-rated. Instructors are not responsible for material missed due to student absence.


NRAS will send confirmation of class registration if you signed up through the website. If you do not receive an email by the end of the next business day, please contact the office at!

We will notify you if a class does not run. Please be aware that most NRAS classes require pre-registration and will not run without at least 5 students. Therefore, if you are interested in a class, sign up!

Membership Benefit

Members receive discount on all classes. In order to receive this benefit, your membership must be up-to-date upon registration. Dues may be paid with class registration fee.

Makeup Classes

Makeup classes will be scheduled by the instructor should he/she cancel a class for any reason. Students will be notified of cancellations by the instructor. If Marshfield schools are cancelled due to inclement weather, NRAS classes are cancelled, as well. Please make sure to provide your phone number and/or email address upon registration.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be granted up to 7 days before class start date less $25 processing fee. Tuition and fees will not be refunded after that period. It is up to each instructor to decide whether or not a class has sufficient enrollment to run (usually at least 5 students). Every effort will be made to make this decision at least one week before class start date. If a class does not run, students will be notified and will receive a full refund.


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